What Marcus Is Doing on Facebook to Generate Leads and Rank His Book No. 1
Without Buying any Facebook Advertisements
Learn to Generate Leads in 3 Steps
1. GROW YOUR NETWORK and DATABASE of potential clients
Learn the art of attracting potential clients and get connected closely.  Grow your network and database based on your niche market to grow your business.  You network is your net worth only when you work on it. 
2. engage them and get popular
Stop selling and start sharing.  Use simple non-technical Facebook tactics and copy writing formula that win hearts.  Apply the #MEMEPO formula and see how your engagements (likes, comments, shares) increase two, three or even four folds
3. turn likes to leads
Getting "Likes" is good. Wouldn't getting leads be better?  Convert likes to leads, bring your potential clients into your sales funnel. Now they naturally want to buy from you, send you customers and join your team.  Master the art of selling without selling with Zero Budget Facebook Marketing #ZBFM
" My business was not doing very well 2 years ago. Two of my friends recommended me to learn from Marcus. After attending #ZBFM workshop, my engagements increased from five likes and one comment to fifty to one hundred likes and thirty to forty comments. I managed to convert leads into sales and am generating RM1,000 – RM2,000 sales a month now. Thank you! "
-Eric Koh, Water Filtration Specialist
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