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"A pessimist sees the problem in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every problem"

– Sir Winston S. Churchill –
"Discover how I generated
RM10,947 from my first 
Facebook Live without spending on ads"
Zero Budget Facebook Marketing Designer, Marcus Teoh

Drastic drop in sales and business income due to movement control order (MCO)

Tight cash flow with ongoing expenses but insufficient sales or difficulty in collecting

Need new products/services to cater for current situation

Wished to have developed a stronger personal brand for better leverage

Not tech savvy, need help to go online to market business, collect payment, automate, etc

Unable to meet but must reach out to existing and potential customers

We can't change the situation but we can change the strategy

Zero Budget Facebook Marketing Coaching

You will learn:

  • ​​​Steps to generate RM10,947 in 6 days by doing a Facebook live stream without spending on advertisements
  • ​How to identify business opportunities during lock down, what sells and what’s stuck
  • ​Ways to identify your primary target customers and how to reach and capture them
  • ​How to brand yourself and differentiate yourself online by building trust rapidly
  • ​How to angle your webinar topic and involve the right panel speakers to attract the right audience and business opportunities 
  • ​How to invite, prepare, set up, host and capitalize on Zoom Meeting to generate business
  • ​How to generate positive attention and attraction from a social media post
  • ​How to collect and craft powerful testimonials to convince potential clients
  • ​How to build a community of loyal followers who support your cause on Facebook Group and WhatsApp
  • ​How to save thousands with essential FREE tools – Graphics, Writing, Video Editing

You will not learn:

  • Steps to set up a Facebook page, Instagram account or a LinkedIn Account, watch them on YouTube. This is a marketing strategy and sales psychology program that is not found on Google
  • ​Paid advertisements on Facebook or Google to generate leads via sales funnel pages, this is a “zero budget” marketing program using Facebook
  • ​How to list your products on e-Commerce platforms, but you know how to generate traffic and build brand to sell on e-Commerce

Here is what you are getting:

  • 1 Full Day Webinar (Valued at RM799)
  • ​4X 90-Minute Zoom Sessions (Valued at RM899)
  • ​28-Day “Ask Marcus Anything” Coaching in WhatsApp Group/Facebook Coaching/Support Group (Valued at RM2,699)
  • ​ZBFM Workbook/Manual (Valued at RM99)
  • ​Digital Certificate of Participation
  • ​Bonus #1: 6 Zero Budget Facebook Marketing Videos
  • ​Bonus #2: Market Demand and Competitor Survey Google Form template (Priceless Tool)
  • ​Bonus #3: Facebook Top Post Compilations so you can just duplicate!
  • ​Bonus #4: Opportunity Cost Calculation Template so you know the large untapped potential
  • ​Bonus #5: Community Building Guideline Template so you you bring in only the right people into your community
  • ​Bonus #6: Social Media Marketing Magazine Articles worth
  • ​Bonus #7: Business referrals from Marcus if you are lucky  
    (Bonuses Valued at RM499++)
Total Value: RM4,995

Yes, I can do it with 
Zero Budget!


Are you willing to adopt zero budget Facebook marketing strategy to make it happen? Block these dates!

May 2020:
Thursday 21st 2:00pm – 3:00pm: Orientation and Preparation

June 2020:
Sunday 7th 9:30am – 4:30pm: Full-Day Live Webinar
Sunday 14th 8:00pm – 9:30pm: Follow Up Zoom 1/4
Sunday 21st 8:00pm – 9:30pm: Follow Up Zoom 2/4
Sunday 28th 8:00pm – 9:30pm: Follow Up Zoom 3/4

July 2020:
Sunday 5th  8:00pm – 9:30pm: Final Zoom 4/4 & Celebration

Investment RM899

NOTE: There shall NOT be any refund shall participant fail to turn up for whatever reason.  Participant may choose to attend the next session instead.

Success belongs only to people who take action

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Marcus Teoh is a former I.T. employee, turned into a full-time handbag entrepreneur, then a university part-time lecturer and today a trainer, a bestselling author and an international speaker focused on training and coaching aspiring authors and business owners on becoming more successful through the use of a published book and social media. with zero or minimal budget.
He has spoken on Zero Budget Facebook Marketing in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and multiple cities in Malaysia. His first book despite having zero marketing budget was MPH Bookstore’s Top 10 Business Nominee. In 2019, he and partner successfully launched the first diamond (more than 100 members) Business Networking International (BNI) Chapter in South East Asia, creating history. Known as Miracle Chapter, Marcus is the current President and the team transacted RM22 million within eight months.

My Story
Bestselling Author and International Speaker Marcus Teoh
Kuala Lumpur, MY
After closing down my unsuccessful handbag business in 2015 I started my training business, teaching start-up entrepreneurs how to start a business with only RM199.  Yes, you read it right, a failed entrepreneur trying to teach others to succeed in business. For obvious reasons it was very tough as nobody knew who I was. I had little success, only failures or a better word “lessons”. A year later my new training business and relationship both came to an end. I made a bold decision when I was emotionally and financially down. 

After signing the publishing contract, it was not an easy journey. I had to figure a lot of things myself.  I found my way thanks to my determination and the support from various parties. Within nine months my first book was published. The moment I held the book in my hand, it felt so unreal. Within a week my book was in the new arrival section in MPH Bookstore, that also felt unreal. 

My zero budget Facebook marketing strategies again proven to work like magic!
The joy was beyond words! Little would I imagined that just a week after my book launch, it made it to weekly Top 10 Bestseller List. Within a month, my book even made it to the Number One spot! It was a miracle to me. It maintained number one the following week.

Now or Never Ranked 1 in Top 10 Bestseller List

“Now or Never – Start a Business with only RM199” was top 10 weekly bestseller for twenty one weeks and made it to Top 10 Business Nominee for Year 2017 together with books by Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. Then I understood the phrase “from zero to hero”.
marcus has been featured on:
Marcus spoke at Malaysia Social Media Week 3 straight years, event was graced by The Prime Minister of Malaysia
Marcus spoke at Malaysia Social Media Week 3 straight years, event was graced by The Prime Minister of Malaysia

Marcus' Participants in past ZBFM Programs
(Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Negotiators, Aspiring Authors):

"To my surprise, I like posting in Facebook now.  I managed to conclude 2 deals in KLCC after posting on Facebook, now I post daily"
Real Estate Team Leader
Alex Loo
"My mum forced me to attend this workshop and I thought it would be boring..."
13 Year-Old Fiction Writer
Ziyi Ang
"From 5 likes to 30 likes, thankfully now I get RM1,000 - RM2,000 sales a month now"
Owner of Water Solution Company
Eric Koh
"I believe if I want to complete the book and to deliver by the deadline, this workshop gives me a very clear vision and I believe I can do it"
Founder, KuEm Royal Heritage
Yang Mulia Hajjah Tengku Emma
"I have 12,000 followers on Facebook page, and I still find that Marcus' Zero Budget Facebook Marketing has helpful hacks"
Celebrity Photographer and Bestselling Author
Kid Chan
"I collected 500 book orders before my book was published.  If you want to write a book that can sell or any business with zero budget, look for Marcus Teoh"
Author of Everyone Can Network
Ching Lee Hwa
"我很开心,现在敢面对镜头跟你们讲话。没有想到post 在Facebook可以拿到不同的顾客。我大力推荐你们上 Zero Budget Facebook Marketing"
Real Estate Negotiator
Elsis Liew
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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